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Nonsensicle Love; Undertaking Society's Undesirables

What is success in life? Different people will give you different answers. For example, in American culture, many subscribe to the "American dream" – a high-paying job, a handsome/beautiful spouse, a private house in the suburbs, and maybe having kids (the "maybe" being a more recent development). For another example, in the startup community, success is defined by building a great, profitable company, and possible selling said company for a big payout.

You've probably heard of these viewpoints before, but a certain group of people happens to define success much more radically. Hidden Treasures Home (HTH)

Mithril.js: A Tutorial Introduction (Part 1)

This is part 1 of a tutorial series. You can view part 2 here.

Mithril.js is a small (7kb) and fast, classical MVC JavaScript framework. It encourages an architecture similar to Angular.js, and uses a virtual DOM like React.js, all while avoiding the need for libraries like jQuery. Mithril's small size and API